2” Obsidian Dragons
2” Obsidian Dragons

2” Obsidian Dragons

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Matte black obsidian dragons
Hand polished details on horns 
About 2” long
Each dragon is carved by hand and will feature individual differences because of their handcrafted nature.

Cystal Tip:

Obsidian, igneous rock occurring as a natural glass formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava from volcanoes. Obsidian is extremely rich in silica (about 65 to 80 percent), is low in water, and has a chemical composition similar to rhyolite. Obsidian has a glassy lustre and is slightly harder than window glass. Though obsidian is typically jet-black in colour, the presence of hematite (iron oxide) produces red and brown varieties, and the inclusion of tiny gas bubbles may create a golden sheen. Other types with dark bands or mottling in gray, green, or yellow are also known.

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