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Do you ever just stop? Or are you always moving from one thing to the next with virtually no breaks in between? The pace of modern life and the silently crushing influence of social media platforms that glamorize life-clutter take an invisible toll on our souls.

It’s important to occasionally take a step back from a fast paced life, even if it’s just 10 minutes for a cup of tea or coffee. Take that time, and try to still yourself to help ground and maintain balance, especially if you create on a regular basis. 

Did you know that any creative process we undertake involves our spirit? Literally everything from the simplest crocheted scarf to a museum worthy sculpture is created in tandem with our spirit! It certainly lends a whole new perspective on the old phrase “throwing yourself into your work”. Because we’re so involved with the things we create on a fundamental level it’s easy to start feeling faded if you don’t balance that output with some input. 

Ask yourself “what am I doing to feed my soul?” While we could automatically share what we fed our bodies for lunch; sometimes answering the former question can be a little harder. If you struggle with an answer to that first question then take some time to think on it and perhaps make a list of activities you think you could engage you to feed your soul. 

Your list could be anything from taking a time out for a podcast to getting out in nature. Even just sitting outside for a few minutes will do wonders. I challenge you to taking a more conscious look at your energetic output/input balance for 7 days. Write to yourself about this experience and see where it takes you. I’d love to see comments from anyone who wants to share their experiences. 

I’ve chosen to take time off with my family since my daughter has spring break and we’re all spiritually recharging together! Will you stop with us?

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