What is a Sacred Space anyway?

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A Sacred space is a place one can go where a person can feel connected to a higher reality that helps transcend fears and insecurities. These spaces can be inside or part of a natural environment. They can feature grand architecture, natural wonders, or simple personal elements. Sacred spaces can retain a theme from any faith, spiritual background, or just be a calming environment.

A Sacred Space can most simply be a calm spot to unwind at the end of a long work day; someplace to quietly journal, read, meditate, or practice yoga. Having a place like this naturally facilitates personal growth and creativity. Another benefit is how effectively one can release tension and negativity in a sacred space, because this space is one where you can quietly reflect free of other’s judgement.

When considering creating your own Sacred Space first consider how much space do you want/need? Do you want your space inside or outdoors, should it be portable or static? What is the budget for this project? The great thing about creating a Sacred Space is that we can most often repurpose items already on hand.

Once you’ve established the ‘where’ get in there and physically clean that space with love and care. It’s amazing what a simple cleaning can do to restore a sense of balance! Make sure it is clutter free as it is difficult to relax and consider a space ‘sacred’ if it is cluttered and stuffy.

Now it’s time to dive in and make it comfy with your favorite chair or a nice floor pillow to sit on. Consider a sound element, this could be a nice white noise app, or even a small table fountain or chime. Sound is a very sacred and restorative element as it has a very clearing effect. Sound or breath is considered the first element of creation in multiple faiths around the world.

If you have a spiritual background you ascribe to now is the time to add an element of your faith to your space so that you may invite communion in prayer with your creator/deity. If you like to venerate ancestors its thoughtful to keep a photo or personal item as a special reminder here as well.

Having a portable Sacred Space kit is a great way to bring peace of mind where ever you go. I Find that art bins such as those offered at Micheal’s or Joanne Fabrics make a great case for holding your sacred items. You can pack in an altar or crystal grid cloth as well as some favorite crystals or elemental/spiritual items that inspire you.

As an energy worker I like to keep my favorite crystals in my space because this is where I take time to meditate with stones, and perform self reiki. I like to perform distance crystal energy entrainment in my sacred space as well. Because of the range of activities I engage in as an energy worker I have chosen to dedicate an entire room as a sacred space in my home. I understand this is a privilege and I am thankful everyday for it. I hope my writing inspires you to create your Sacred Space today!

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