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What I want to say today is something I find necessary to remind myself of frequently. I find that crystals are like mirrors of ourselves. Just like us they’re a natural phenomenon, but born in the womb of the earth. So, as we are born above they are born below; it is a divine symmetry. 

As someone who has walked the earth 40+ years now I have a number of scars and imperfections, many of my personal crystals have them too. Seeing these little fissures and craters reminds me that in my imperfection I still have beauty and integrity. It’s so inspiring to know that each crystal we own has survived eons of time under ever changing pressures, temperatures, and even radiation. These extreme conditions refine the crystals into the specimens we know, and our own life experiences serve a similar function to hone us into the best versions of ourselves. 

Then there are carved crystal sculptures, a joining of humanity and crystalline beings to create something that is more than it was. Individual works of art bearing the marks of their makers; do we bear the mark of our divine creator as well? I think the answer to that is different for everyone, but no less intriguing. So, just like our crystals whom we could say are a bit late to bloom -there is no less splendor in our beauty. 

With love, light, & darkness -go & be whole!

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