Do you feed your soul?

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As some of you may know I’ve been a little mia on social because I’m in a creative process with my energy work. During this time it’s key to feed my soul so I can make sure I’m bringing the brightest energy to the table.

Did you know that any creative process we undertake involves our spirit? Literally everything from the simplest crocheted scarf to a museum worthy sculpture is created in tandem with our spirit! It certainly lends a whole new perspective on the old phrase “throwing yourself into your work”. Because we’re so involved with the things we create on a fundamental level it’s easy to start feeling faded if you don’t balance that output with some input. 

Ask yourself “what am I doing to feed my soul?” While we could automatically share what we fed our bodies for lunch; sometimes answering the former question can be a little harder. If you struggle with an answer to that first question then take some time to think on it and perhaps make a list of activities you think you could engage you to feed your soul. 

Your list could be anything from taking a time out for a nice cup of tea/coffee to getting out in nature. Even just sitting outside for a few minutes will do wonders. I challenge you to taking a more conscious look at your energetic output/input balance for 7 days. Write to yourself about this experience and see where it takes you. I’d love to see comments from anyone who wants to share their experiences. 

As I’ve been formulating my sage sprays and my newest oil “sanctified” I’ve made sure to maintain an energetic balance. I have forced myself to simply stop at times and instead read a book, or watch a movie with my daughter. My new Sanctified oil has been percolating in my subconscious for a while now as spirit has revealed to me this new creation.

Sanctified is big alchemy! I have spent time in nature, feeling my smallness while observing the grand scope of creation. I reveled in familial connection as spirit wishes me so that I remain connected the the ancestors who support me beyond the veil. I am a creature of the liminal space, a literal crossroads between indigenous Mexica roots and Spanish conquerors with a dash of Irish in there for extra spice. I am the conquered & the conqueror in one space, to deny either half would be to cut out an eye. So instead I learned to live with this dichotomy and turn it into a complementary opposite instead of a continual self-conflict; through this I am a bridge at the crossroads so that both sides may meet. It is because of this liminal existence that spirit has laid it on me to bring you Sanctified anointing oil. In sanctified is a bridge to the celestial, archangels, AND the earthly spirit guides & ancestors who support us. Use Sanctified in you own work to create the connections you want to foster. 

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