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Hi, I’m Amber.

I am a rock nerd (both musically & geologically), terrible photographer, perfectionist, & owner of Dragon Gems, LV. I love sharing beautiful crystals with literally anyone even passingly interested!

I’ve loved, collected and traded stones & crystals since childhood. I STILL have a little leather pouch of random collected stones I found as a child. It is this very treasure hoarding that inspires the name “Dragon Gems”!

Into adulthood I collected crystals as jewelry; I’ve always had an intuitive penchant for colored stones. Most of my jewelry is either from independent artisans, or designers like Barbara Bixby who designs her pieces in relation to spiritual affirmations and the healing properties of the stones.

In 2018 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I was called in dreams to get back to my crystals in their truest form. So I have done that with all of my heart & soul because one does not pass up their truest calling! I began by purchasing a few crystals and learning to meditate with them and then learning to use grids to be connected with the creator & universal collective. 

Fast forward to today and I am a graduate of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and hold a certificate as a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. I am currently enrolled in a reiki program as it is my goal to provide energy healing through a combination of reiki and crystal

My business focuses on acquiring small-batch unique; high quality crystal and mineral items. I have cultivated an ecosystem of miners, lapidary craftsmen, and vendors through valued partnerships that span the globe. When you shop with me you are directly supporting an entire network of families who share the same passion for crystals and stones that you do. 

I painstakingly source and sell my beautiful crystals on this website as well as through social media. I am careful to post unfiltered photos and videos of my items, so that what you see is what you will receive! (There can be some color deviation from screen to screen, however my stones should present true to themselves).

It is my personal joy to unite clients with the right crystals for their collections or energetic practices. 

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