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Chiapas Amber Carved Figures

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Chiapas Amber Alicorns, Tyrannosaurs, ang Guitars 
priced by carat weight
natural fossilized mineraloid 
Approx 1”-1.5”in
Hand shaped, polished, and embellished by artisans in Chiapas Mexico 
Carved crystals are individual works of art and will also bear the marks of their lapidary artisans, please appreciate the unique details of items made by hand.

Crystal Tip:

Amber is an organic material made up of fossilized natural botanic resins; it is a mixture of hydrocarbons with a hardness of 2 to 2.5. The ancient Greek term for Amber was elektron, a word referring to the sun. Amber is known to develop an electric charge when rubbed, and our word ‘electricity’ derives from the ancient Greek term for Amber. [Source:  Book of Stones, pages 18]

In Chiapas, amber has been extracted since pre-Hispanic times. For instance, it is known that the Mayas used it in the manufacture of jewelry and in trade.

During the three centuries of the existence of New Spain, amber was used to make rosaries and various ornaments, although its main use was related to the manufacture of different kinds of amulets, used by both Spanish and indigenous people.

To date, in a vast number of indigenous communities belonging to the Zoque, Tzotzil, Tzeltal, and Tojolabal ethnic groups, amber is attributed to spiritual or medicinal qualities, which gives it widespread use in the form of pendants, pendants, and small objects to wear or hang. [Source: The Mexicanist]

Mexican Amber is among the youngest of ambers and at the same time, one of the hardest. This is the result of very high heat and pressure during formation. This makes it much more stable for cutting or drilling. Mexican amber also has a high Perylene content making it highly fluorescent and phosphorescent, meaning that it will continue to glow even after the UV source is removed.

Mexican amber is mainly recovered from fossil bearing rocks in the Simojovel region of Chiapas, Mexico. It is one of the main minerals recovered in the state of Chiapas, much of which is from 15 to 23 million years old, with quality comparable to that found in the Dominican Republic. Chiapan amber has a number of unique qualities, including much that is clear all the way through and some with fossilized insects and plants. Most Chiapan amber is worked into jewelry including pendants, rings and necklaces. Colors vary from white to yellow/orange to a deep red, but there are also green and pink tones as well. [Source: Wikipedia]

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