Golden Healer Quartz Point
Golden Healer Quartz Point

Golden Healer Quartz Point

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Golden Healer Quartz Point 
Golden hematoid quartz variety from Brazil 
Approximately 2.2” in tall
Weighs about 41g
Sizes and colors will differ among stones due to their natural variability.

Crystal Tip:

Golden Healer crystals are excellent for crystal healing, and are said to be helpful when used in any healing situation. Golden Healers also help keep contact with the spiritual worlds. It is said by some that Golden Healers access Christ consciousness as well as activating the solar plexus chakra to join our will with Divine will. Golden Healers also align all the chakras and balance yin/yang energies. Golden quartz accesses very high (Christ Consciousness) information and also activates the 3rd chakra marrying our will with the divine will.  The mineral iron oxide is trapped inside and gives this stone its golden hue. It aligns and balances the Sacral Hara Chakra, the Crown Chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra.
Golden Yellow Healer Quartz leads one to positive changes by providing the understanding for what change is needed.

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