Fairy Quartz
Fairy Quartz
Fairy Quartz
Fairy Quartz

Fairy Quartz

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Champagne colored fairy quartz 
Raw unpolished/unheated Quartz from Brazil
Approximately 2”in long
Weighs about 50g
Sizes and colors will differ among stones due to their natural variability.

This is a raw unpolished and unheated natural quartz cluster from Minas Gerais Brazil.

Crystal tip:
Fairy Quartz is an amazing set up of crystals –  you have one bigger quartz point or cluster that generates energy and then smaller druzy like points covering it.  This formation makes for a very high vibrational stone and wonderful to work with.  Spirit Quartz works on all levels – physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and through the ‘subtle bodies’ or energy points to help to stimulate and move blockages. Fairy Quartz helps to get the energy moving so that you can get to the underlying issue that will enable you to identify what is causing an imbalance. Fairy Quartz helps to strengthen and shield your Aura which stops negative energies from getting through.  Fairy Quartz is a wonderfully calming stone that allows you to be comfortable with what is happening around you and move forward in peace.

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