Fall Vibes Mala
Fall Vibes Mala
Fall Vibes Mala
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Fall Vibes Mala

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Flower Agate, faceted Botswana agate, and Dragonskin Turquoise Mala
Natural gemstone 8mm beads
Hand knotted by myself on red high strength cording
Approx. wearable length is about 48”
Please note that crystals and stones are natural products and are rarely perfect.

Crystal Tip:

A japamala, jaap maala, or simply mala (Sanskrit: माला; mālā, meaning 'garland') is a loop of prayer beads commonly used in Indian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism for counting recitations when performing japa (reciting a mantra or other sacred sound) or for counting some other sadhana (spiritual practice) such as prostrating before a holy icon. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions and are sometimes referred to in Christianity as a "rosary". [Source: Wikipedia]

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