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Flower Agate Crystal Keys

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Flower Agate Crystal Key Pendants
Natural Crystal/Stone
Approx 1.5” long
Carved crystals are individual works of art and will also bear the marks of their lapidary artisans, please appreciate the unique details of items made by hand.

One key will be intuitively chosen for you.

Crystal Tip:

Orbicular patterns on Flower Agate are reminiscent of seeds, and the floral plumes are reminiscent of blossoms. Pieces with both orbicular patterns and flower-like plumes help us to envision the process of growth. They serve as a reminder that we start out as seeds, then blossom and grow.

Gift someone the “key to your heart” with these lovely crystal pendants. Keys hold beautiful the symbolism of open doors. One can use a key to symbolically open pathways previously closed to them.

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