Garnet Rough Tumbles

Garnet Rough Tumbles

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Garnet tumbled stone packets of 4 each
Natural almandine rough tumbled stones 
Weighs about 80-90g per packet
Sizes and colors will differ among stones due to it’s natural variability.


Crystal Tip:

Almandine Garnet unites the energy and passions of scarlet and red with the more muted, earthy overtones of brown, like fire reflected in a deep sultry wine. It is intimately tied to the Earth, and is a talisman of protection and unyielding strength, both physically and intellectually.

Almandine is known as a Stone of Tangible Truth. It assists in manifesting a realistic version of the physical world. [Simmons, 169] Its energy helps alleviate worry, panic and fear, and assists in maintaining a calm connection to the present. It allows one to perceive the absolute support of the Universe. [Ahsian, 170] Its intellectual properties also make it useful to those exploring the fields of astronomy, astrology, and mathematics. [Melody, 105]

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