Goth Flower Agate Flame
Goth Flower Agate Flame

Goth Flower Agate Flame

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Black Flower Agate Flame
Natural Madagascan flower agate 
Approximately 4” tall
Weighs about 370g
Sizes and colors will differ among stones due to their natural variability.


Crystal Tip:

Flower agate is a variety of plume agate from Madagascar. The characteristic “flowers” are plumes of chalcedony rising through the stone. The black flower agate is a genuinely uncommon new variety; so much so that it is unknown which minerals create the black in the stone. All of my flower agate are natural undyed stones.

With all the typical characteristics of pink flower agate this “goth” version is definitely a bit more “emo”, it will help you connect gently to your shadow side and move through old destructive patterns. After working with this stone since finding my first sample in Tucson it evokes deeper images, going back to the womb for a full-tilt reset of old karmic debts.


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