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Honey Calcite Spheres

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Honey Calcite  
Rainbow filled optical calcites 
Approximately 85-90mm in diameter 
Weighs about 2-2.5lbs
Sizes and colors will vary among stones due to their  natural variability.


Crystal Tip:

Honey calcite is a calcium carbonate and it’s semi-transparent or transparent color range includes golden brown to pale gold. This calcite is found in an extensive variety of forms, which include white calcite and the optical calcite.

Optical Calcite or Iceland spar, formerly known as Iceland crystal, is a transparent variety of calcite, or crystallized calcium carbonate, originally brought from Iceland, and used in demonstrating the polarization of light. It occurs in large readily cleavable crystals, easily divisible into rhombs, and is remarkable for its double refraction. Historically, the phenomena of this crystal were studied at length by Christiaan Huygens and Isaac Newton. Sir George Stokes also studied the phenomenon.

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