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Iridescent Pyrite

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Natural Iridescent Pyrite 
Piedra Parada Mine, Las Vigas 
Veracruz, Mexico 
The price is for groups of 3 small specimens each.
About 1/2” ea
Keep in mind that due to exposure and necessary extraction methods crystals may not have perfect faces/points/edges.

A set of 3 specimens will be intuitively chosen for you, or contact me via Facebook messenger or Instagram to choose your own.

Crystal Tip:

Each individual pyrite piece has natural beautiful rainbow colored patina. These pyrite are from the same mine as the more famous Veracruz Amethyst. Some pieces may also feature silica, galena, & quartz overgrowth.

Because of the delicate nature of the iridescent patina it’s not recommended to expose these to water or chemical cleansers. These pyrite have been scratch tested and should not be mistaken for chalcopyrite.

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