Kammererite Lingam
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Kammererite Lingam

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Natural crystal/stone
Hand carved & polished 
Weighs about 90g
Approximately 2.5”
Please do expect hand carved items to have special “character” unique to each stone artist. DO NOT expect them to look like industrially made “perfect” carbon copy mass-produced products.

Crystal Tip:

Named in 1841 by Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld in honor of August Alexander Kämmerer [1789 Artern, Saxony - February 3, 1858 St. Petersburg, Russia], the Ober-Bergmeister, chemist in the Mining Department of Russia. He was the author of several geological and pharmaceutical works.

Kämmererite is a variety of chromite, which is often found in massive form. It possess unique properties and characteristics which make it desirable. Firstly, the varying abundance of chrome contributes to a shift in colour from a dull grey to shimmering silver - and even to a deep purple.

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