Large Smoky Citrine Point

Large Smoky Citrine Point

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Natural crystal/stone
About 7.75” long 
Weighs about 2lbs
Beautiful smoky citrine polished tower with rainbows and phantoms. It has a raw base, and does not self stand. 

Crystal Tip:

Smoky citrine is an amazing crystal commonly grown in Brazil which has the presence of smoky quartz and really brings out the olive green color to citrine. Some varieties are lighter in color than others, depending on the amount of smoky quartz included. Although still rare, they are easier to find than a natural citrine without the smoky quartz inclusions. 

Like the color of smoky quartz, the color of this type of citrine is caused by earth irradiation and traces of aluminum built into its crystal framework. The yellow can be very deep with shades of green, but usually is a little pale. This citrine can show a very weak dichroism, that is, its color changes a bit depending on the angle of the incoming light.

This citrine will actually loose its color upon heating to more than 200°C, and the yellow color will occur again when the crystal is irradiated with x- or gamma-rays. "Aluminum citrine" is usually evenly colored, though "phantoms" of smoky quartz are found occasionally.

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