Large Smoky Quartz Sphere
Large Smoky Quartz Sphere

Large Smoky Quartz Sphere

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Natural Quartz crystal 
About 100mm
Weighs about 3.5lbs
Smoky Quartz sphere filled with glittering veil inclusions.

Crystal Tip:

Smoky quartz is a color-variety of crystalline quartz. It ranges from a light yellowish brown to a brown that is so dark that it appears to be black. Less-desirable specimens have a grayish brown color. When cut as a gem, stones with an orangish brown to a reddish brown  are preferred by many people.

Smoky quartz is a relatively inexpensive gem material because it is abundant and found in many locations. It is often found in large crystals of excellent transparency with few inclusions.

The color of smoky quartz is produced when natural radiation, emitted from the surrounding rock, activates color centers around aluminum impurities within the crystalline quartz.

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