Mahogany Obsidian Geometric Skulls
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Mahogany Obsidian Geometric Skulls

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  • Natural crystal/stone
  • Approx 3.5”
  • Carved and polished by hand in a unique geometric style

Crystal Tip:

Mahogany obsidian  has resonance with the sacral and root chakras.

Researchers have written dozens of books and hundreds of articles about crystal skulls, few have attempted to explain the origin and purpose of these sculptures. For some, the crystal skulls are 19th-century “hoaxes”; for others, they are extraterrestrial artefacts, while yet others believe they are remnants of a lost civilisation.

Perhaps the most likely explanation is that they are part and parcel of the ancient cultures, particularly the Mayan, that existed in the area of Central America where they were found. Could it be that these skulls were one of the most important relics in the sacred temple complexes? Crystal skulls speak to the imagination, but are some of these skulls and their stories too good to be true?

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