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Naica Selenite
Naica Selenite
Naica Selenite
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Naica Selenite

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Raw Naica Selenite Clusters
Natural crystalline mineral specimens
Approx 3-5” specimens available 
Weighs 6-24oz

Please note that crystals and stones are natural products and are rarely perfect.
Keep in mind that due to exposure and necessary extraction methods crystals may not have perfect faces/points/edges.


Crystal Tip:
Have you met Naica Selenite from the The Cave of Crystals in Chihuahua Mexico? No? Let me introduce you!

“Deep below a mountain near Naica, Mexico, miners searching for fresh ore deposits in 2000 came across an unexpected and awesome sight. Massive, milky-white crystals towered around them, filling a horseshoe-shaped cave. Luminous beams of gypsum bigger than telephone poles, nearly 12 m long and 1 m wide, gleamed in the miners’ lights, jutting in all directions out of the brown limestone walls, floors, and ceiling.

The Cave of Crystals, as it became named, is nestled 290m underground, topped by a mountain rich in lead, zinc, and silver. Since its discovery by the mining company Industrias Peñoles, the subterranean chamber has drawn researchers from around the world, enticing them with both rare beauty and scientific mystery.” -excerpted from Chemical & Energy News publication Volume 97, Issue 6

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