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Obsidian Arrowheads

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Mexican Obsidian knapped arrowheads
Natural Volcanic Obsidian 
Approx 1-2” each
Hand knapped by independent Artisans in Mexico.
Carved crystals are individual works of art and will also bear the marks of their lapidary artisans, please appreciate the unique details of items made by hand. *Not all tips or edges will be prefect due to unpredictable stone cleavage during the knapping process.

Crystal Tip:

Aztecs believed Obsidian, like gold and silver, to be a divine seed - of celestial origin but residing below the earth’s surface. It was thought that Obsidian, like everything in nature, had a spirit. Obsidian was considered to protect its owner, so Aztecs would place an obsidian blade in water in the courtyard of their home to keep sorcerers away because it was believed that they were frightened by their own reflections.

According to The Book of Stones pg.347:
Obsidian is a glassy, silica-rich volcanic rock with a hardness of 5 to 5.5. It is an amorphous stone, meaning that its structure contains no regular geometric pattern. Because it breaks with a very sharp conchoidal fracture, it has been used for making arrowheads and other tools since Paleolithic times. The name Obsidian is derived from the name of the prominent ancient Roman, Obsius. Obsidian is most frequently black or very dark brown, but it can also be gray or green. In addition, various sheens, color variations, markings and undertones of color make for an array of different types of Obsidian used for jewelry stones, ornaments and metaphysical items.

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