Ombré Mexican Fire Opal Necklace - Image #1
Ombré Mexican Fire Opal Necklace - Image #2
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Ombré Mexican Fire Opal Necklace

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3-5mm Mexican Fire opal smooth heishi beads
Sterling silver lobster clasp closure.
Hand strung on 19 strand bead wire.
Overall length including clasp is 19” in long 
Made in the USA with love by me from artisan bead components fabricated in Mexico, and the USA.

Crystal tip:

Fire opal is mined in the Mexican states of Queretaro, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Michoacan, Julisio, Chihuahua and San Luis Potosi. The most significant deposits were discovered in Queretaro in 1835, and are still producing today. Small quantities of this gem can also be found in Oregon and British Columbia.

Unlike other opals, most Mexican Fire Opal is faceted to add brilliance. The standard color for fire opals is considered orange, but the full spectrum includes colors from red to orange to gold, with an almost dayglo intensity of color. As of today, the Mexican Fire Opal is considered to be the country’s national gemstone.


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