Pink Amethyst Tortoise
Pink Amethyst Tortoise
Pink Amethyst Tortoise

Pink Amethyst Tortoise

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Pink Amethyst Geode Tortoise spirit animal
Natural crystal/gemstone
Dimensions 4”in long
Weighs about 380g
Hand carved
Colors and size may slightly vary due to the handcrafted nature of this item.


Crystal Tip:

The tortoise is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, and is able to defend itself on its own. It personifies water, the moon, the Earth, time, immortality, and fertility. Creation is associated with the tortoise and it is also believed that the tortoise bears the burden of the whole world.

On the outside, agate geodes appear to be nothing but rock, but looking deeper into the interior of a geode will reveal amazing crystal growth and formations. Agate geode crystals are usually composed of quartz or chalcedonic deposits, but various other minerals such as calcite, celestite and dolomite are also commonly found within other varieties of geodes.

Most geodes develop in small hollow burrows within the earth, often created by animals or depressions left by tree roots. The formation begins from a small piece of limestone or anhydrite and over time, mineral-rich waters seep into the burrow allowing the minerals to harden around the small rock. It is through the repetitive series of hardening deposits from mineral-rich waters that eventually form the crystalline structure and outer crust of the geode.

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