Pyrite in Quartz sphere
Pyrite in Quartz sphere
Pyrite in Quartz sphere

Pyrite in Quartz sphere

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Natural Quartz crystal 
About 75mm
Weighs About 1lbs
This is a show stopper specimen of quality Quartz with fully formed pyrite suspended inside the sphere.

Crystal Tip:

Pyrite is commonly associated with quartz and fine mineral specimen of pyrite on quartz or quartz on pyrite, seem to be rather abundant. Pyrite inclusions in quartz on the other hand, seem to be quite rare. This quartz generally has massive looking little chunks of pyrite floating in it. Although some of it displays nice little cubes floating in it too. Iron oxide also commonly graces this material. Giving it interesting and beautiful yellow, orange and reddish-orange streaks and clouds.


There are basically three ways inclusions can "get into the crystal":

  • The minerals have formed before the quartz. The growing quartz crystals engulfs them and the original form of the included minerals is preserved. These inclusions are called protogenetic. Included fibers than run through the entire crystal at random orientations are typical examples.
  • Quartz crystals and the included minerals grow simultaneously. These inclusions are called syngenetic. The shape of the included minerals often deviates from the typical forms and habits that develop during unhindered growth.

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