Rainbow Fluorite Serpents
Rainbow Fluorite Serpents
Rainbow Fluorite Serpents
Rainbow Fluorite Serpents

Rainbow Fluorite Serpents

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  • AAA Quality Rainbow Fluorite Serpents
  • About 3” in length
  • Weighs about 38-45g
  • Carved & polished by hand
  • Please do expect hand carved items to have special “character” unique to each stone artist. DO NOT expect them to look like industrially made “perfect” carbon copy mass-produced products.

Crystal Tip:

Rainbow Fluorite contains many colors of the rainbow, and their associated rays. Because of its broad color spectrum,it affects most chakras and helps to bring them into balance and alignment very easily. Rainbow Fluorite is an excellent stone for healing, as it works on all energy bodies, and assists well with mental clarity and harmony of thought. Because it clears the mind, it helps one perceive from a higher spiritual level, and also purifies of the body so higher energies can enter, and shields the aura from unwanted interference.

Rainbow Fluorite would be beneficial if you tend to feel off balance, either mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. It's excellent for chakra balance. If you find yourself needing to think more clearly, it can provide the necessary support to help you formulate and organize your thoughts. It can also help promote a balanced flow of energy throughout the body, if you tend to feel drained or depleted.

The Serpent:

The serpent represents a life force as it is quite close to earth’s energies. As a reptile, the snake reminds us of primal instincts and unconscious drives. When it appears , you need to be wary of where you are drawing your energy and how you utilize your energy. If the snake is your spirit animal, then you need to show the sensitivity to your healing abilities towards others and yourself. Serpents have always been symbols of opportunities and healing powers.

Spiritual Guidance

The serpent can also be a symbol of spiritual guidance and the presence of it in your life usually means you are in a transition period. It also points to ways in which you can encourage personal growth for yourself. it can appear as your spirit animal when you are venturing into unknown territory and are looking for support in order to move forward.

Serpents are normally close to the ground and thus they remind you to stay grounded even when moving through life changes.

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