Rhodonite Cacti

Rhodonite Cacti

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2” Rhodonite cacti
Natural crystal/gemstone  
Approximately 2”
Weighs about 30-40g
Sizes and colors will differ among stones due to it’s natural variability.

crystal tip:

Rhodonite is a manganese inosilicate (chain silicate) and member of the Pyroxenoid group of minerals. It primarily occurs in massive or granular habits, compact groupings, coxcomb aggregates, and rarely as transparent crystals in thick tabular form, often with rounded edges. In massive form, Rhodonite is most often rose-pink to red with black dendritic veins or patches of manganese oxide running through it, though it can also be orange-red or brownish-red. The rare transparent crystals are red or red-orange, seldom exceed 1 gm in weight, and can be cut into excellent gems. [en.wikipedia.org][www.ereferencedesk.com][www.minerals.net][www.gemdat.org][Simmons, 329]

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