Star Rose Quartz Spheres
Star Rose Quartz Spheres
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Star Rose Quartz Spheres

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  • Natural Crystal/Stone 
  • Approximately 45-50mm
  • Weighs about 118-188g
  • Appearances will vary due to the natural differences among each stone.

Crystal Tip:

An asterism is an optical phenomenon displayed by some  gems of an enhanced reflective area in the shape of a "star" on the surface of a cabochon cut from the stone. The star-effect or "asterism" is caused by the difference in refractive index between the host material and that of the dense inclusions of tiny fibers of rutile (also known as "silk"). Rutile causes the relative bright relief of a star in a host material such as corundum, which has a refractive index between 1.760 and 1.778, much lower than that of rutile. The stars are caused by the light reflecting from needle-like inclusions of rutile aligned perpendicularly to the rays of the star. The star-effect may be also caused by the inclusions of hematite.

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