Terahertz Dragon
Terahertz Dragon
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Terahertz Dragon

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Man made stone
Hand carved 
About 4” long
Weighs about 195g
Each dragon is carved by hand and will feature individual differences because of their handcrafted nature.

Cystal Tip:

According to the terahertz stone website the retail stone products currently on the market consist of this THz metamaterial. They say it is created by extracting and concentrating pure silica from sand and quartz.  So it is this distillation that gives terahertz its incredible thermodynamic properties. There are some claims of emf-shielding by this stone, but I find that to be inaccurate based on how this material functions.

The terahertz stones will  *NOT* have a dominant oscillary  rate (vibe) in the terahertz range. It is a passive superconductor, there is no possibility of THz radiation from this material.

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