Tomás Gonzaga Quartz cluster
Tomás Gonzaga Quartz cluster

Tomás Gonzaga Quartz cluster

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Tomás Gonzaga Quartz cluster 
Natural crystal/gemstone
Dimensions 1”-2” inches
Weighs about 10-35g
Hand carved
Details and size may slightly vary due to the variable  nature of this item.

This quartz comes from the Tomás Gonzaga mine in the region of Curvelo in Minas Gerais Brazil. You may also be familiar with this region for its “Diamantina” quartz as well since it is also found nearby. Tomás Gonzaga Quartz is recognized some of the highest quality quartz in the world and easily rivals Arkansas varieties. The main features you can expect to see are crystal clear clarity, and unique “starbrary” markings on many specimens.

Starbrary crystals are a rare and completely natural type of Quartz formation, which have been encoded and programmed with ancient and detailed information by people from distant star systems.  This is the main difference between a Starbrary and a Lemurian Seed Crystal; Starbrarys having been encoded remotely by civilizations that existed outside of our own solar system, whilst Lemurian crystals were embedded with information by people who inhabited our planet; ‘seeding’ or planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover some 10,000 years after they left. 

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