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Unicorn Pegmatite Tumbled Stones

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Tumbled Unicorn Pegmatite 
About 1-1.5”in 
Wighs about 34g
Natural Crystal/Stone
One Tumble will be intuitively chosen for you
Please note that crystals and stones are natural products and are rarely perfect.

Crystal Tip:

Unicorn pegmatite is a stone from Madagascar comprised of pink tourmaline, lepidolite, smoky quartz, & clevelandite.

This powerful, but gentle combination is supportive for times of challenge, endurance, and emotional healing. Bringing in calm, stillness, joy, empathy, positivity, and safety; Unicorn Stone helps us take that deep breath in to release the pent up fear, anxiety, and tension that we may be holding onto, and then keep moving forward with our heart open to what the world will bring us.

please note that crystals and stones are not a substitute for professional health care. 

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