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Colombian Young Amber with Insects

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Colombian Amber with Insect Inclusions 
priced by carat weight
natural fossilized mineraloid 
Hand polished by a multigenerational small family business in Colombia 
Keep in mind that due to exposure and necessary extraction methods crystals may not have perfect faces/points/edges.

Crystal Tip:

We have Cretaceous amber (at least 65 million years old) and much Oligocene & Miocene amber, as well as Pliocene (Africa), and many others. The consensus age estimate for Colombian Amber seems to be Pleistocene (up to 2 million years old), but estimates range to the Lower Miocene (about 20 million years old). Studies underway may clarify the deposits, but evidence suggests that there may be varying geological formations & ages.

Far and away the most fossiliferous amber originates in Colombia. The fossil insects and other arthropod inclusions and their associations are truly sublime in Colombian amber. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Colombian amber to those with a scientific propensity is the wonderful fossil associations. So many species are often in association that the specimen will represent an ecological cross section of an ancient rainforest.
[excerpted and condensed for length from] Dr. Robert E. Woodruff
Emeritus Taxonomist

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